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Big ideas for your small bathroom

Updated: Jul 2, 2022

Looking for tips on boosting storage and maximising square footage in one of the smallest rooms of your home. I’m a firm believer that small doesn’t mean sacrificing style and by the end of this blog, I hope you’ll agree with me!

Small doesn’t stop you from daring to be different! A bold floor like this one creates a natural focal point and help to distract from the lack of space.

Just because your bathroom is bijou, it doesn’t mean it can’t be super stylish with a freestanding bath. A standard bath in the UK is 1700mm long, so shop for a compact model that boasts smaller dimensions.

If an oh-so-fabulous freestanding tub isn’t an option in your bijou bathroom, opt for an inset bath instead. These are ideal for small spaces because they’re specifically designed to fit flush against wall.They’re also perfect for slotting in to any awkward recesses or alcoves.

If you don’t have space for a separate bath and shower, choose the best of both worlds with a shower-bath. Many shower baths are designed as inset baths, so will fit flush against the wall leaving adequate space in the rest of the room for other fittings and storage.

The bathroom is often the smallest room in the home, but big demands are placed on it when it comes to storage. A stylish vanity unit is an excellent way to increase storage, keeping all of your bathroom essentials in easy reach.

To make a small bathroom look bigger, choose a wall-hung vanity or one that has slim legs. Creating more visible floorspace opens up a room and gives the illusion of more space.

To make a small bathroom look bigger, choose a wall-hung WC. Creating more visible floorspace opens up a room and gives the illusion of more space.

Invest in a mirrored cabinet above your basin. The extra storage always comes in useful, while the mirror will bounce light around the room, giving the illusion of more space. If you’re concerned that a wall-mounted cabinet will encroach into the room, consider a recessed cabinet instead (although this is more costly to install).

Be inspired by Tracy of @remingtonranchfarmhouse: squeeze a little extra storage space into your small bathroom by installing shelving above the WC. Alternatively, a wall-hung cabinet will do the trick.

Switch out a bulky shower enclosure for a walk-in shower with a simple glass screen to protect sanitaryware from water spray. This retains an open, airy feel that makes a small bathroom feel larger.

A continuous stretch of floor gives the illusion of space in a small bathroom. This can be achieved with a wet room former that sits under the tiling or the type of floor that you have chosen for your shower.

📸 @unidrain

Clutter can make a small bathroom look even smaller. Keep yours organised by incorporating a recessed shower niche into your design. This is a good way to add storage that doesn’t require elbow room! Design note💡 make a feature of the niche with tiles that strike a contrast with your wall tiles.

📸 @thepramshed

A tried and trusted trick for making your bathroom look bigger is using the same tiles on the walls and the floor of your bathroom. This will create a continuous look that boosts the feeling of space. Design note💡 large format tiles means fewer grout lines, which again, helps to make the space look bigger.

In a small room, a bright white ceiling will draw attention to the line where the walls stop and the ceiling starts, therefore emphasising the size of your space. An easy solution is to use the same colour on the walls, woodwork and ceiling. This instantly makes a space feel more unified. Plus, by eliminating colour contrasts that distract the eye, you can make a space look and feel bigger. Design note💡this idea doesn’t just work with lighter, brighter colours. Wrapping a space in moody hues can make a room feel cosy and cocooning.

Designed to slot neatly into a cavity in the wall, a pocket door is the perfect solution when you have a bijou bathroom because you don’t have to account for the space that a hinged door needs to swing in or out. This means there’s much more room to manoeuvre, if required.

Transforming your small bathroom into a wet room is an excellent idea. Simply by removing the shower enclosure you can make a small space look bigger. Design note💡 the floors and walls of your wet room will need to be tanked (sealed with a waterproof membrane). And typically, a wet room has a sloping floor that allows water to drain efficiently.

If you want to protect your sanitaryware from water spray without sacrificing an open, airy feel, install a simple clear glass screen.

There’s nothing like natural light to make a space lighter and brighter and give the feeling of more space. If your small bathroom doesn’t have wall space for windows, install a skylight instead!


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