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Kitchen Trends - what's hot in the kitchen in 2022

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

Does you kitchen need a new lease of life? Read on to discover this year's most in-demand design ideas for the hub of your home.

Go green

A popular choice for those wanting to bring nature into the kitchen, green was a key colour in 2021 and will remain so in 2022. Fresh and flexible, there’s a shade to suit every space, from lighter, muted tones to deeper, more intense forest shades (and everything in between!)

Be inspired by Mother Nature

Mother Nature offers plenty of inspiration for our homes! Cue terracotta, whose rustic warmth conjures up an easy-going feeling of comfort. Spanning shades of apricot and clay to darker rust tones, terracotta is hugely versatile: whites and creams work well with it to create a Mediterranean vibe while splashes of black add a graphic edge. Green and terracotta are a perfect pairing too: you can’t go wrong when you combine colours that complement each other in the natural world.

Add texture with fluted glass

Put fluting on your lust list for 2022! It’s a fabulous way to bring movement and texture into your kitchen. Cue these fabulous fluted kitchen cupboards by @scavolini_store_London.

Re-write the rules

Renovating your kitchen for 2022? If your budget won’t stretch to replacing kitchen cupboards, follow in the footsteps of @theottohouse and hide the contents of your cupboards with a simple curtain. It’ll create a sense of nostalgia – a nod to country kitchens of yesteryear. Plus, you’ll be introducing an element of gentle tactility into a space more often associated with hard materials. Design note💡choose a washable fabric that gathers well on the rod.

Play with pattern

Don’t restrict wallpaper to bedrooms and living areas. It can work in more practical spaces too! Choose a wipeable design that's specifically designed for kitchens and bathrooms or, if you can’t find a design you like, hang regular wallpaper in areas where it won't be exposed to constant splashing or heat. A coat of matt water-based varnish over the wallpaper once it’s hung will add protection or alternatively, cover the wallpaper with a glass splash-back. Good ventilation will also ensure that the wallpaper withstands the warm, damp atmosphere of the kitchen.

Tap into terrazzo

Hailing from 16th-century Italy, terrazzo is a cement-like material that has chippings mixed in. It was traditionally poured on-site but today you can also buy it as easy-to-install tiles.

Terrazzo is getting bigger, quite literally, as the chips are growing in size! Take a look at projects by designer Nicki Bamford-Bowes, founder of @andthentheywentwild for ideas to adapt in your home.

Source second-hand

Perhaps prompted by the desire to live more sustainably, there’s a growing interest in the second-hand kitchen market. And why not? Buying a second-hand or an ex-display kitchen is a good way to stretch your renovation budget. Do you research by checking out companies like The Used Kitchen Company and @usedkitchenexchange.

Splash out on marble

Marble in the kitchen is a classic look. If you covet it, shop for a white stone with strong veins to inject a serious dose of next-level luxury into your kitchen. Want to take it up a notch? Look for coloured marble: think pale pinks, emerald greens and black.

Invest in eco

Sustainability isn’t just a trend, it’s an essential part of the design conversation. Plenty of companies are striving for a greener future, including @sustainablekitchens, which sources materials from as locally as possible and uses 100 per cent renewable energy in its workshop. Its kitchens use minimal plastic and arrive in reusable protective packing blankets to avoid wasteful wrapping.

Put up walls

Despite what we’ve been led to believe, open-plan is not always the answer. Time spent at home in Covid lockdowns revealed downsides of open-plan living for many – such as intrusive sounds and smells from the kitchen, and a lack of personal space. A great comprise is a glazed partition that divides the area without sacrificing light or the feeling of togetherness.

Make a statement with metals

Anyone who’s been hanging around the interiors industry for as long as I have will have noticed the rise (and rise) of metallics. At first it was a pop here, a splash there. But in recent times – and going forwards – metallics are so much more than just a side note. Take this kitchen designed by Charlie Smallbone, founder of @ledburystudio. The cupboards feature pewter sheet metal that’s been hand-textured with hammers and heat before being given an aged patina using acid. The surface has then been sealed with lacquer so it can stand the test of time.

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