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Small Kitchen Design – 3 big ideas for a small single-wall kitchen

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

As you’d expect, a single-wall kitchen has furniture and appliances on just one wall. It’s an ideal layout for a small or narrow space and, because it needs fewer cabinets than other kitchen arrangements, it’s generally cheaper, particularly if you choose an off-the-peg solution. Read on for more tips to planning a single-wall kitchen.

1. Swop wall cabinets for open shelves

Wall cabinets can make a narrow single-wall kitchen feel a little oppressive. A solution is to open the space up by swopping the cabinets for shelves. Just be prepared to style them regularly: cluttered shelving can make a small space look even smaller.

2. Consider glass fronted wall cupboards

To make your single-wall kitchen look and feel larger, go for cupboards with glass fronts.

👉 Glass will lighten a dark space by reflecting light around it.

👉 Glass lets you see what you’re storing in your cupboards while keeping everything dust free.

👉 Glass-fronted cabinets are less obtrusive than standard cupboards, as the glass allows you to see straight through them.

3. Assess your space

A bit of planning will help you make the most of space in a single-wall kitchen. One practical arrangement is to position a full-height fridge-freezer at one end of the run of units and the hob (with the oven beneath it) at the other end. This will leave room for the sink, plenty of storage and the recommended two to three metre distance between the sink and hob.

Another common arrangement is to have tall units at either end with a hob and sink sitting between them. You can then integrate an oven into one of the tall units and a full-height fridge-freezer into the other. Alternatively, place the oven under the hob and use the full-height space for a larder unit. This will provide plenty of extra storage space – essential in a small kitchen!

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