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Small Kitchen Design – 3 tips to creating a successful galley kitchen layout

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

A galley kitchen is one with units on both sides of a central walkway. It’s possible to pack a lot of storage into this narrow layout, but it requires some thought. For example, you’ll need to make sure there’s enough space for doors and drawers to open fully. Typically, a minimum of 1.2 metres is recommended. For more design ideas on how to create a practical, stylish and spacious galley kitchen, read on.

1. Plan a working triangle

Don’t forget to include a working triangle – the sink, fridge and hob positioned in a triangle shape – when planning your galley kitchen. This minimises the walking distance between the most-used elements of the space, making it super-efficient. You can create your working triangle by locating the fridge on one wall and the sink and hob on the opposite wall (or a variation on this theme). Design note💡if you’re placing the sink and hob on the same run, make sure the length of worktop between the two is at least three metres long according to safety regulations.

2. Introduce open shelving

A run of base and wall units on both sides of a small galley kitchen can make the space feel claustrophobic. However, you can create some breathing room by swopping out wall units with open shelving on one or both sides. A word of warning: if you go for shelves, be prepared to channel your inner stylist. Cluttered shelving can make a small kitchen look cramped so you’ll need to choose the objects you choose to display carefully so as not to offset the benefits of shelves.

3. Opt for glass fronted kitchen cupboards

To make your galley kitchen look and feel larger, go for wall cupboards with glass fronts.

👉 Glass will brighten a dark space by reflecting light around it.

👉 Glass lets you see what’s inside your cupboards while keeping everything dust free.

👉Glass-fronted cabinets are visually less obtrusive than standard cupboards, as the glass allows you to see straight through them.

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