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Small Kitchen Design – 4 inspiring design ideas for a small U-shaped kitchen

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

As its name suggests, a U-shaped kitchen features uninterrupted cabinetry along three sides of a rectangular space. The beauty of this layout is that it works in almost all size or shape of kitchen.

1. Take stock of your space

A U-shaped kitchen can be one of the most efficient configurations to go for in your kitchen. It works well in small as well as larger spaces. Design note💡be aware that to move about freely, you’ll need at least two metres between the banks of units that face one another.

2. Consider reduce-depth cabinets

If square inches are at a premium in your U-shaped kitchen, follow in the footsteps of Jo of @cloud_nine_interiors and install reduced-depth cabinets on one side (seen here on the right run). This creates extra storage and prep space without eating up too much space.

3. Opt for in open shelving

Wall cabinets can sometimes make a small U-shaped kitchen feel even smaller. Create more space with open shelving or shallower cabinets above the base units.

4. Adopt the working triangle

The beauty of a U-shaped kitchen is that no matter its size, you should be able to create a working triangle (arranging the sink, fridge and hob in a triangle shape to minimise the walking distance between them).

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